The Ministry of Circuit Elders


Circuit Elders serve as an extension of the District Office, which is an extension of the Episcopal Office, to encourage vitality in congregations, so that congregations make disciples of Jesus Christ, who make disciples equipped to transform lives, communities and the world.



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  1. Measurable growth in small membership churches
  2. Local pastors and lay supply preachers will experience encouragement in their ministry
  3. Qualitative increase in clergy passion and morale
  4. Congregations and clergy will experience the relationship of our connection



Collaborate with the District Superintendent to fulfill Administrative Functions by:

  1. Preside at charge conferences as requested by the District Superintendent
  2. Serve as Clergy Mentors to local pastors in their circuits who have not completed COS
  3. Monitor sacramental practice in churches served by lay supply preachers, assuring that Sacraments are appropriately celebrated in local congregations
  4. Communicate regularly with the DS regarding the ministry of the churches on the circuit


Collaborate with the District Superintendent as Missional Strategist by:

  1. Encourage prayerful discernment and discussion of Charge Conference Mission and Ministry Questions
  2. Facilitate strategic missional assessments as requested by the District Superintendent utilizing Discipline Paragraph 213 as a guide for conversation


Embody the United Methodist Connection by:

  1. Inform the District Office of special events happening around the circuit
  2. Attend special events of the circuit as a representative of the connection if possible
  3. Provide pastoral care to the clergy and lay supply preachers in the circuit, and keep the District Office informed of situations of concern.
  4. Assist pastors with questions of ministry practice

November 2015

"Creating vital congregations that make disciples of Jesus Christ,who make disciples equipped to transform lives, communities and the world."

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