REVgroups for Clergy

Reviving and Equipping for Vitality


The Center for Vitality seeks to provide resources for pastors, laity, and congregations to experience spiritual revival and become vital congregations that make disciples of Jesus Christ, who make disciples to transform lives, communities, and the world.

As part of our resourcing and equipping mission as a Center, and in process towards of Bishop’s Mission Plan Next Step #8 (Growing Excellent and Passionate Clergy), the Center for Vitality seeks to create Clergy Communities of Practice.



The heart of the REVgroup gatherings will be the utilization of group coaching and peer-based communities of practice. A method of sharing and processing opportunities and challenges provide a sacred, reflective space for pastors to how to be bold, adaptive leaders. The didactic “keynote” elements involve a combination of outside experts, in-group participants, and Arkansas Conference practitioners. Topics for the didactic element will include maters such as: discipleship, evangelism, mission-field engagement, stewardship, systems-based leadership, and equipping laity for ministry. These subjects also provide a language and “balcony” viewpoint to better address the opportunities and challenges each participant faces in ministry. The groups will focus on addressing adaptive or structural changes rather than technical issues.


Contact Director Dede Roberts if you are interested in becoming part of a pilot group.

"Creating vital congregations that make disciples of Jesus Christ,who make disciples equipped to transform lives, communities and the world."

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