Crisis Care  Team

The Center for Vitality provides support for the Bishop, District Superintendents, clergy and congregations of the District_MapArkansas Conference in the midst of crisis or conflict. A Crisis Care Team is equipped to assist District Superintendents, clergy and congregations move through the difficult work of grief, anger, mistrust, loss and change. The Center has the responsibility to provide skilled teams of clergy and laity to engage in the work of healing, reconciliation and transformation within congregations.


The Crisis Care Team is a resource of the Annual Conference to create vital congregations. The CCT is trained to intervene in congregations in the midst of crisis and engage clergy and laity in the work of healing, reconciliation, and transformation.


Deployment and Services:

The Crisis Care Team will be deployed by the Bishop to churches experiencing disruption and crisis. These situations may include:

  • Loss of life or property due to natural disaster or accident
  • Alleged clergy or church staff misconduct of a sexual nature
  • Alleged breach of trust involving finances

The CCRT will be trained to respond to the aggrieved as well as the perpetrator and their community of faith. Services may include:

  • Initiation of a healing process with the congregation
  • Providing Information and educational resources about official Disciplinary procedures
  • Facilitation of communication among members of the congregation with each other,the community at large and officials of  the Annual Conference (District Superintendent, Bishop, Chancellor, etc.)
  • Companion individuals through any disciplinary process

Qualifications and Training:

The Crisis Care Team will be clergy and laity from United Methodist congregations across the Arkansas Annual Conference. Ideal candidates for the CCT will be spiritually grounded in their faith and practice. They will demonstrate gifts in assessing and responding to crisis situations, and in many cases be professionals in fields of counseling, social work, mediation, law, medicine, education or related fields. The Center for Vitality will have oversight of recruitment of team members and training.


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