MissionInsite Demographics

The Center for Vitality subscribes to MissionInsite annually so that every church in the Arkansas Conference can access demographic information.  Each report would normally cost a few hundred dollars, but, through your conference tithe, you have these powerful tools for understanding your mission field at your fingertips for no additional charge.

Often the Center asks workshop participants to bring their MissionInsite data to events in order for Leadership Teams to plan ministries.  Instructions are below.


Getting Your Free ARUMC Account:

The Missioninsite webpage is

Click on “Registration” in the Client Center (top right corner) and it will take you through the process for registering for an account.

At some point it will ask you for the conference code.  The conference code can be obtained from your District Administrator or by contacting centerforvitality@arumc.org.

For basic instructions, see the Starting Point document (PDF).

For most workshops and for Crossroads Conversations, please use the Report Wizard (under “Tools” to the upper left) to choose and print your ExecutiveInsite Report for a 3-mile radius (please adapt study size as needed for your mission field).  If you are having difficulty, call your district office.



How do I interpret my MissionInsite Reports?

ExecutiveInsite Report Worksheet (PDF)

QuickInsite Report Worksheet (PDF)

Bandy Consulting MissionImpact Guide for Mosaic Groupings (Web Link)

Mosaic USA Handbook (PDF)


How do I use the Mosaic Information?

This latest version of Mosaic USA classifies residents in the United States into 19 groups (A-S) and then one of 71 types (A01-S71). Interpreting the Mosaic E-Handbook Portraits is essential in planning for effective community engagement.

The following 4 Minute Videos provide explanation for reading, understanding and applying Mosaic segments for ministry planning.

To View or Download each video, click the link below.



To save videos, right click your mouse and select “save as”.  The .MP4 video file will be saved on your computer at your chosen location.

Download the Mosaic USA Handbook

The Center also recommends using the Bandy MissionImpact Guide for Mosaic Groupings (Web Link), which includes specific Christian ministry suggestions for each of the 71 segment types that comprise the Mosaic classifications of United States residents.

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